Meaghan Babin

Amateur Editor + Copywriter

I have always loved reading so it’s not really a surprise that I would eventually try and pursue a career in publishing. I didn’t always know publishing was a career I really wanted which explains why my levels of education are kind of varied.

When I had went to NSCC in 2011, I was sure that I wanted to pursue it as and I found myself getting less interested but choosing to finish in order to obtain my diploma. A recruiter from MSVU showed up to encourage us to pursue finishing our degree there at the time and I couldn’t help but be extremely tempted by the offer as I always wanted to learn, work and eventually live in Halifax.

As you can probably suspect, things didn’t quite go as planned and I eventually ended up switching from being a hardcore Business student to a critical thinking Cultural Studies student which opened my world up to different cultures, religions and art. It was though the knowledge gained from this degree that I landed my first job in publishing as a Editorial Coordinator & Publishing Assistant with Formac Publishing. I felt extremely emotionally fulfilled while working at Formac and I loved the work, people and my daily tasks. It was because of this job that I really discovered publishing was my chosen career and decided to pursue it as much as I could which has led me to finally take the plunge and pursue the Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University.